Youtube tipping


I was wondering if it possible to make an tip plugin for youtube?

I’m a web/backend developer, so sadly I dont know much of plugins for browsers or sites.

Would it be a browser plugin or is it possible to make some for youtube?

I would love you tip people for their music and such.

I took a look at the api a while back and couldnt find anything directly that would assist with integration.
But that said, there is always more that one way to achieve something.

Gnasher The easiest way would be an button of some kind directly on the youtube page.

What other methods would you suggest?

Here’s a quote from laudney’s post announcing Social X:

Different components of Social X will allow decentralised tipping across all social networks. In our next-generation social tipping platform, there will be no tipbots! When you tip someone on Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube or Facebook, the tipping goes straight from local wallet, whether on your mobile or desktop to the recipient.

Of course it would be nice to have a Youtube tipbot or plugin to use while Social X is being developed.

GrayPhoenix Very good point. I myself is looking very forward for the Social X wallet, but as long its under development we’ll need to thing other ways. as far now (as far I know) there ain’t any publish date or alike for the Social X. :slight_smile:

  • We never know if Social X ever will be finish, anything can go wrong. Always expect the worse, but dream about the best ;).

Now that would be a great evolution if there was a youtube tip bot!! RDD is going to become even more Social Networking Platforms #1 coin