Zero balance after encrypt wallet process

Can anyone help me with questions about ReddCoin Wallet?

I know very little about offline wallets, especially ReddCoin because I seem to be a little different from the others.

There are about 15 days, I installed the V. 1.4.4 ReddWallet and transfer some coins receive via ReddCoin TipoBot on Twitter.

Still in the learning phase, I proceeded the “Encrypt Wallet”. Thereafter, the wallet is closed and when it has returned my balance had disappeared. In addition, still getting the message suggesting the process “encrypt wallet.”

Thank you

How do I recover my balance? Of all the wallets I find the file “wallet.dat” in the C: \ Users \ … \ Roaming, less ReddCoin wallet. Where is this file?

Sorry for my English, a little head and another little Google Translator.

See balance:

Excuse me for having published my question in the wrong area. Thanks for moving it.

Was the wallet completely synced to the blockchain? There are almost 500,000 blocks.

The number is 499.175

Before I do the encryption, the wallet had already synchronized and I had 3.500 coins. After the encryption process is that the balance disappeared.

I would definitely have to ask laudney, BrownSlaughter or Vuudo if they have any idea. That’s odd.

One thing you could try:

  1. Make a backup (literally copy and paste) the reddcoin wallet folder and put it on your desktop for the moment, just in case something stupid happens.
  2. In the original folder location of the application you use to open reddcoin (in my case I use the reddcoin-qt rather then the wallet: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Reddcoin\reddcoin-qt.exe”) shift+right click on the folder itself that holds the reddcoin-qt.exe file and select “Open command window here”
  3. Type in reddcoin-qt -recoverwallet and let it do it’s thing.

If it doesn’t work, you can move the backup on your desktop back into the folder and try something else…

jluizg It’s inconceivable that encrypting your wallet.dat would cause your balance to be zero. It has to be sth else.

Thank you guys.

I’m testing and so I have answer, I post the result.

As I said, I know very little about wallets. And I agree that the problem is on my system, not on application.

Regardless of this problem, need to know about where the reddwallet data files are stored.

“Of all the wallets I find the file” wallet.dat “in the C: \ Users \ … \ Roaming, less ReddCoin wallet Where is this file.?”

jluizg Search for wallet.dat on your computer.

I’ve searched. I found all other wallet but did not find the REDDCOIN.

Folder: C:\Users\ … \Roaming

Complete synchronization. I have not found the coins.

I’ve read in another forum another guy asking about where the file “wallet.dat” is saved. So the problem is not just with me.

The reason for this is that the Reddwallet uses a diffrent folder to save the wallet.dat to. Try going to C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local (if you go to that roaming folder you where just at just go one folder back then click on local).

Thank you Naro.

Finally I found the folder. The ReddWallet is very different from others. While one of them occupies 51 Mb, the ReddWallet occupies 1 Gb.

Well, I found the folder but not recovered my balance. Not a big balance, onlky 3500 coins. But I would like to learn more about the wallets and the way they work.

Now I found the folder, is there any way to recover my little balance? If I had the private key help? How do I get the private key of the transaction? I received these coins from RedCoinTipBot on Twitter.

In the files I have saved on my PC there is some trace of this balance?

Anyway, I appreciate your help.

To illustrate my case, here’s an image with my files and folders.