Zero balance even after -rescan

Hello everyone. I am trying to recover funds by importing a private key with no luck.

I have downloaded a fresh copy of the wallet.
Fully synced (no bootstrapping).
Imported private key via console with importprivkey and -rescan feature
Transaction list shows but 0.00 RDD

To confirm, I copy the address shown in File > Receiving Addresses into Reddsight
Reddsight shows the correct wallet balance

I then launched Reddcoin via -rescan from the Mac Terminal
But the wallet still shows 0.00 RDD

Any suggestions how I can recover my funds? Thank you for any tips.

Have you synced properly?

Yes, it is fully synced and rescanned.

Which Os are you running? Are there transactions in the wallet? Are you sure you’re using the correct wallet file. Maybe you changed the location of the original?

Dude, a wallet contains multiple keys. Hundreds maybe. Did you do a salvage? If you did - i need the .bak file and I could help you.
You need all the private keys imported to get your coins.

Requesting that users send you copies of their wallets and bak files privately is a good way to get banned from the forum. To all users: your wallet files and private keys control your coins, and providing them to users may simply result in that user taking your coins.
Please provide any instructions for troubleshooting PUBLICLY so that others may benefit from the help, and no accusations of theft need be entertained.

On-topic: If you’re continuing to have issues, please try the “-salvagewallet” flag and let us know whether that returns your transactions. If not, we’ll walk you through additional steps here on the forum.

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  • Did you backup the wallet.dat file?


  • Do you have 1 private key or more? If more, import all the private keys you have.


Basically, we need to troubleshoot the issue. Please try to give as much information as possible.

He doesn’t. He just imported a private keyinto a wallet. He needs to extract and import all the provate keys. Then rescan. But I doubt that is posaible.

Thanks for your help so far. To answer your questions:

  • I am on a Mac.
  • Yes there are many transactions in the list.
  • I am sure I have the funds on the public address, as confirmed by
  • I am sure the private key and public address are connected, as shown via File > Receiving Addresses
  • There is only one private key, which dumps two public addresses - the one automatically created with the brand new wallet file, and the one associated with the private key.
  • I do not have a wallet.dat file. I only save my private keys. I have done imports via the console before in other Qt core apps for different alt coins, so I figured this was a no-brainer.
  • I have tried -salvagewallet but no help
  • I may try a -reindex but I don’t see the point considering I just downloaded a fresh blockchain without bootstrapping.

Any other tips are appreciated. I may try a sweep into an iOS Coinomi wallet if I cannot use the Reddcoin core to access the funds.

Could you post a screenshot of your Debug window? It shows information about your blockchain etc (example).


Help > Debug window.

Sure, here you go

Blockchain is indeed fully synced, seems OK.

Do you see your RDD address in your ‘receiving addresess’ list? You can access the link via the File menu.

Just to check if the import was successful.

Yes, that’s why it’s so puzzling. I import the private key, access the Receiving Address form the File menu, copy/paste that into Reddsight - and see the full balance.

Fully synced, started with an empty wallet.
Did a -rescan and a -salvagewallet, didn’t solve the issue.


Definitely do a -reindex.


The only thing I can think of is that your disk might have some issues… A -reindex might do something magical for you.

Well it’s worth a shot. I’ll report back once it’s complete.

By the way, other than Coinomi, are there any other third-party apps that let you access the Reddcoin blockchain via a private key? I might want to try those.

Not that I know of. By the way, make sure you update Coinomi, especially if you use Coinomi Desktop. A vulnerability is found recently (which is fixed with an update).

Yes I heard about that, thanks!

Do not use Coinomi! Ignore this guy. He was advertising it on Reddit and a few days later a major vulnerability lead to huge losses. Never uae third party aoftware for altcoins.

Once again, you are unnecessarily aggressive. I don’t “advertise”, I mention the possible options. I have been doing it longer than “a few days” (been posting for months in /r/reddcoin), and at the time of me posting about it, Coinomi had a clean slate.

Why is it so hard to grasp that I - just as you - can’t see/know the future?

For the rest, I already replied to you here about this: Is it sure to put funds in redd Id wallet? redd id wallet staking too?.