Zero balance even after -rescan


And again I say that you shouldn’t advise anyone. You have no knowledge. If you cant help - do not harm people!


Well the -reindex is very slow, but it has revealed a tiny portion of my balance, so that’s better than 0. However, my computer crashed for unrelated reasons so I will have to restart the -reindex soon. We’ll see what happens. It looks like this process may take a few days. Will report back soon. Thanks for the help yavuz_selim.


I have no information about the crash you mentioned, but the crash in combination with -reindex showing some results, I would suggest you to check the health of your storage drive.


You can use CrystalDiskInfo (link to portable version) to see the S.M.A.R.T. status of your drive.


@coastalbrake Ignore @yavuz_selim
Hes a moron. Showing old transactions doesnt mean balance is going to be different than 0 when the reindex completes.


Stop. Issue has nothing to do with drive and index. Index db only points share distribution point to where one block begins and another ends. And reindex actually re-syncs the blockchain, so old balances might show, before client syncs fully with main network. I think @coastalbrake that someone might have stolen your RDD from ReddID and you’re not yet willing to face that fact.


ReddID? That’s not even mentioned once in this thread…


No, I have never used Redd ID. And regarding theft - don’t be a hypocrite RedneckJoe - you private messaged me asking for my wallet file. You have only convinced me that you are the one to ignore.


Regarding the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive, I am on a Mac so it looks like I’ll need to use some alternative software than CrystalDiskInfo. I will look into it. I wasn’t aware the health of my drive could possibly impact my blockchain database.


@coastalbrake Do you have Alzheimers? You said that the wallet only had 1 private key because it was associated with a ReddID.
A wallet cannot have less than 2 private keys FYI. Why? HD wallets. When someone sends you (or you transfer) coins to an adress the excess from the transaction splits to a new wallet. And the private key, albeit empty, remains in your wallet as well. So I ask again - did you import all private keys or just one of them? And I wanted the wallet file in order to extract all private keys. I can tell you how to do it, but I am most certain you cant do it by yourself. Anyway. It’s your choice to trust people of limited abilities and brain capabilities, but loosely translating Nietzsche’s words - “Push those who are destined to fall anyway.” Asking for an empty .dat file or .bak file is as dangerous as someone trying to use your coins from an encrypted wallet. And yes - if you took a private key from someone else’s encrypted wallet - the new wallet will also be encrypted. Just FYI.


It’s something I would check if I was having your issues. I could be completely wrong and there could be nothing wrong with your storage drive, but it’s something worth checking anyway.


The blockchain (just a bit over 3GB) is stored in the blocks folder in the Reddcoin folder on your drive, so I imagine if something is wrong/corrupt on the drive, it could effect the Reddcoin wallet. Not saying it is, just saying it could.


I have no experience with checking S.M.A.R.T. on macOS, but this what I found using Google:

macOS also shows a S.M.A.R.T. status out-of-the-box, but it only shows ‘verified’ and ‘failed’.


Alright, I understand. Thanks for clarifying.


You should come post in /r/reddcoin on Reddit if your issue is not solved. There is more activity there than here, so a higher chance that others can help you.


Great, I forgot about Reddit. Thanks.


@coastalbrake I could help you but I wont. Just explain to everyone as well as @yavuz_selim - How would a local issue with your Hard Drive solve a network problem???


So, what is your suggestion after -salvagewallet and -rescan both don’t work? I would do a -reindex myself, but I’d like to know what you would do.


Simple. Extract all of the private keys. An old address might contain thousands of them. Then use a tool to import them all programatically using the reddcoin daemon as a server. Then, when the import is done - rescan.


Extract all the private keys from what exactly? There is no wallet.dat (or anything else) to extract, there is just a single private key to import.


Yes, it is clear that Joe is not reading. There is only cold storage. 1 private key to import.


Unfortunately the -reindex was no help. Guess I’m back to the drawing board. Perhaps I will try to interact with the blockchain directly via the daemon. Although I suspect this will be a learning curve for me :confused:


@yavuz_selim you both are pretty flat. As I thought - the private key was probably obtained (maybe stolen) with dumpprivkey. There is no other way to gain an RDD private key. However, what @coastalbrake doesn’t know is that dumpprivkey provides the last private key from the address used for the last transaction in the wallet. A wallet contains many addresses, each of which has at least 2 private keys. Now you get why it doesn’t work, right?
This is what we call Hierarchial Determination (HD) wallet - a security feature introduced by the bitcoin core devs to make it harder for people to steal coins with dumpprivkey, 51%, brainwallet etc attacks.