Just earned my first staking reward ever!

The amount itself isn’t actually worth mentioning, but I’m having fun with this so far. At least I think it’s kind of cool because the pittance of Redd I have suggested I wouldn’t get any reward for nearly 100 days.

It’s definitely already more than any bank has given me for holding my money with them in my adult life. I’m starting to like where this is going.

Congratulations Asha,
Using POS coins like #Reddcoin, you can be rewarded.

Our next rounds of development should help everyone get rewarded


Gnasher Are you still thinking of increasing staking rewards if the network is fewer staking nodes than desired (give extra rewards that would have gone to others)? I bet that would get way more nodes online securing the network.

Asha Congrats, have fun! :slight_smile:

dragonfrugal I have a plan to implement an improvement on PoSV (PoSV2??) that will reward those who are staking proportionally higher amount based on the % of network staking.

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Gnasher Nice, that should incentivize bringing nodes online.

Gnasher can you explain further? do you mean those who have more RRD in their wallets, ir those who have higher stake weigth?

The reward returned for each stake will be adjusted proportionally by the percentage of the network staking at the time.
For example, if only 50% of the Reddcoin are staked, those Reddcoins will generate 2x interests, i.e. 10-12%.