100K Reddcoin Competition

Okay, the Reddcoin version of pacman is back on http://goo.gl/lusZio (the codereddgames arcade), now with no funky glitches. It’s 100 RDD to play and instead of splitting up whatever’s deposited to the winner, I’m giving away 100,000 RDD to the highest score for any game started by 11:59 PM on Friday!

** If more than 1000 games are played ( that’s 100,000 RDD deposited) I’ll give 1st place 200k RDD, 2nd place 100k RDD, 3rd place 75k RDD **

do i need to install unity web player ???

gohan Yeah, takes a second. It can work on Google Chrome, but they’re going to stop using the plugin soon. I’d recommend Firefox to use for a browser.

yup ty… there was a time when 5-10 bitcoins were give and now the same thing on RDD… and i am completely into redd and doge hope they rise like bitcoin… but cannot happen…loll

can i withdraw 1000 redd’s ??

err… wallet address was not automatically copied to clip board… trying to play this game lol.

gohan The 1000 RDD was sent to the address you registered. Where are you trying to withdraw it to?

sum That’s strange. It was working well for me. What browser are you using?

i am withdrawing to pac man game but i cant withdraw less than 1000 … i cant withdraw 100 what do i do ??

i use firefox. i got a 1000rdd tip lol

gohan Do you have a QT wallet on your computer? You should be using a QT wallet and staking as well.

sum That’s for 10 free games. I sent you 1000 RDD to play for free a few times to see if you like it and if you have suggestions. I’ll take a look at that address not automatically copying to clipboard. That’s frustrating.

oh no i dont have qt ??? what now

oh okay. see if i can win it haha

gohan I’d download it and get it setup.

i tried wallet not sync… i am trying on it

gohan download it now lol

bmp02050 I just send you another 100 k! Keep up the great work, maybe we should advertise the competition on reddit? Som of those moneyearning subreddits?

Redd Thanks! It’ll go right into the pool of awesome!

gohan If you are having trouble with QT wallet: https://www.reddcointalk.org/topic/548/wallet-not-syncing/3

bmp02050 Great!

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