20% of Bitcoin lost, Ethereum fell below $200

Last week, when the new regulatory policy was unclear, a large amount of ETH coin was presented on September 5, and ETH price fell to $196. In the past week, what important events have happened?

  1. About 20% of circulating Bitcoin has been lost

We all know that the total amount of Bitcoin market is 21 million, and the current liquidity is more than 17.2 million. How many of the more than 17.2 million bitcoins have disappeared into the Internet? Recently, a survey company announced this number, and about 287–379 million bitcoins could not be retrieved, accounting for about 17–23% of the current tradable bitcoin.

This is a large proportion. The investigation company did not put the investigation method out. If it is true, this will have an important impact on the valuation of the entire Bitcoin.

I don’t know what these lost Bitcoin currency original holders think, and they are all real money. Here, you should also remind your friends that if you are making a paper bag or a hard disk to save bitcoin, you must protect the paper package or remember the password, and don’t let the tragedy happen again.

  1. ETH was sold off by the project side

According to Citicoins data, the project side sold 13,500 ETHs in the past few days, about three times the usual level. In the past 30 days, the project side has sold a total of 193,000 ETH.

It is understandable that the project side cashes in Ethereum. After all, the development of the project requires funds. The purpose of crowdfunding is also to meet the expenses of the team. However, in the absence of a clear financial plan, once the project parties rush to cash out, it will inevitably lead to unprepared to step on each other.

Many projects used ETH coin to make 1CO the success of Ethereum, but it is also an unstable factor. In the large group of Ethereum, some people even shouted the slogan of “going to Russia to defend the rights and defeating the dog Zyit Vatican (V god), air coin!”. As the saying goes, “The tree is falling, the wall is crowded,” and Cheng Xiao is also defeated. Xiao He, when 1CO is no longer a hotspot for money-making machines and coins, where should Ethereum go?

Citicoins comprehensive analysis: ETH price has no signs of stopping, as of press time, citicoins quoted 175.79 US dollars, a decrease of 5.07%. Although the delay from the daily line can not stop falling, but the deviation of MACD has not disappeared, so the short-term wait and see. The recent market volatility has intensified, please invest in cautious treatment and do a good job of risk control.