Action Coin [ACTN] to be released soon, free giveaway for start

Hi there,
as everyday, there is a new coin. Developes give 1000 ACTN to anyone registering, it’s free.
So whatever will happen there, I just grabbed them.
Below is my ref link, if anyone is interested I would be happy if it would be used.

Best regards!

huebby i used your link.
i hope you got credited.

Thanks for the info

huebby I used your link.

Coin_Head : Thanks a lot and good luck! Free shot.

feilochai: Same to you of course!

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huebby i bugged the shit out of them to make sure you get credited LoL
i wasn’t sure if i did it right because i wasn’t asked to input your reference code.

they kindly explained that accessing the website with your link automatically references you when i sign up.

Used your link to register.
here’s my link if anyone wants to sign up

And my link for anyone))

Action is ripping us off. they say if new referrals apply through your link, you will get an additional 1000 coins. They have been giving only 10 coins totally against what they claim. When i emailed them they wanted me to prove ALL the new registrants before they would give me the 1000 coins each. After i complained about it they gave me 3000 coins to shut me up. They still ow me about 200000 coins. Lame right? but I’m not giving up, Making them investigate the problem so i can get the coins they owe me.

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Coin_Head have the same problem,and like you said. Gave me 3000 and that’s IT?? I should be getting at least 50K more. SO we fight and don’t let them win.

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Thats right i wont quit either. I’m guessing its a program error or someone is skimming the coins.
They said give them a week to investigate. I’ll update after that. we’ll see what happens.

I think you only get 10 coins per referral who uses your link to visit the site and 1000 coins per referral that actually signs up
This might explain the reason for receiving coins in quantities of 10.

feilochai yes we know that. but I know personally at least 20 people who signed up and I only have 10670 coins???
not good. Coin-Head let me know, when you find out. It has been 3 days for me since i wrote them.

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Ah I see.
I hope it gets solved for you guys.

I just signed on for the 1000 coins lol
I haven’t done any promoting yet

No news on the coin they owe me. I figure they owe me over 200,000. I’m sure most if not all of the people who visited my link signed up. Who doesn’t take free coins,right?

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Coin_Head write them and tell me what they answer you.


We do close nearly every ticket after we send a response, since most people never acknowledge us and we’d have thousands of open/stale tickets if we did not. Simply replying to the ticket reopens it (this is standard functionality across all support systems).

Calling us scammers is a bit of stretch. I’m not sure how you think you’re justified in saying that, but whatever… Nobody is forcing you to participate in our project.

The token distribution event does not commence until March 1st, so I’m not really sure what the panic is all about. We will review and resolve your referral error report as soon as possible, and your account will be credited accordingly. An email will be sent in response to your report when this is done. Unfortunately, responding to multiple tickets from you (regarding the same issue) is taking us away from the other task, like actually resolving your complaint. We have had much bigger problems to deal with lately, as you might have noticed.

There goes another 5-10 minutes…
Nick Morley

It worked. I got 77,000 Action Coins after an extremely rude email exchange with the DIPSTICK NICK MORLEY.

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Wow…so he does credit you the missing action and you still act the dick. I have been in customer service for years and recognize your type and from what I read in his comment that you posted…i am gonna guess you were a douche right from the start. I bet you dont have the balls to post the entire conversation.

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