Active NODE Question

Checked this morning from the UK and I am seeing 1-4 or 1-6 active nodes, I have seen as many as 32 but generally I see 8 as a minimum. This morning I am seeing a lot less which means staking transactions are sometimes coming with ? a question mark. They seem to have been broadcast through only 1 node. (thats changed in the right direction as of the time of writing and my transactions are confirming,) Anyone have any ideas why the node count would drop like that?
As a precaution I am leaving my computer online 24/7 for the next little while usually its off during the day

Redshift is there a guide for how I can make my QT into a full node?

I laways thought that was a default setting…if you were online and connected you operate as a node…I will have to look around and see…to be honest I have no idea. People who are using Raspberry Pi’s seem to be able to set them up as nodes if they have enough memory available. I will do some digging and see what I can find. I am at work this morning so my replies or reply might be slow in coming.

Ok as of 1055am GMT my staking transactions are being broadcast to 1 or 2 nodes. I have 5 active connections to the network so there is something up somewhere.

Redshift okay check if my node shows up now then :slight_smile:

Yes the network is showing 8 active connections now but until I get another staking reward I wont know how many Nodes it broadcast to. My last one was at 10;12Gmt and it was sent to only 2 nodes, the one before that went to 1.
The network strength indicator has improved a bit…the Bars to the right and is showing 8…this morning it was down to 3 which is not good

Redd All of my previous ones show 8 nodes on the 15th. So its interesting that the ones earlier only show 1 or 2 being available. IF that continued we might get a glut of orphaned transactions or worse block chain issues. I am going to leave my computer connected 24/7 for the next week or so just in case

Redd As of 1134pm my last transaction shows only 2 active nodes

okay Im keeping mine connected as well :slight_smile:

Back to 8 nodes at 1340pm GMT.

The QT wallet will only make up to 8 outgoing connections. When you have more than 8, the others are incoming connections. If you’re on a typical home broadband setup, then you need to configure port forwarding on your broadband router for TCP port 45444 to be forwarded to the IP of the host running your QT wallet (which may vary depending on how DNS is set up on your router). You can also use UPnP together with a port mapper app to help automate port forwarding. When you have more than 8 connections (i.e. more than zero inbound) you can consider yourself to be fully participating in the Reddcoin network as a “full node”, including servicing the blockchain sync requests of others. As well as shown in the Debug window, this is indicated visually in the connections bar chart icon in the bottom right corner of the QT wallet window by a green bar on the right of the icon. Incoming connections are not necessary for staking to work correctly.


I have 13 active connections currently :slight_smile: