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Hello, this topic is more geared towards marketing the development process of ReddCoin. While I was watching coins such as AntShares, RISE, and a few other coins, I noticed something. People love to see and know that there is some sort of an update coming to the coin and its community. Something revolutionary, some sort of an update, some sort of a differentiation that will make your coin stick out from the rest of the crowd. Now, when websites goes into a phase where they have a countdown - whether it is an IPO (initial public offering) or a significant update - investors tend to flock to those coins and invest during those times. And rightly so, because those types of updates show that something is happening, that activities for the coin are present, and that the coin is constantly being developed in a major way. Of course, this countdown should not be present for just any update, but for something major, or else the investors will begin to ignore it and it will minimize the effect when something major happens - people will just think, “Oh, it’s always a major update with ReddCoin, I’ll pass.” I would recommend that ReddCoin come out with a significant update soon, whether it is the RED ID, or something else. But in any case, this event should be heavily advertised and this advertising potential opportunity should not be wasted. Investors who are looking for coins to invest in, should be made aware of something happening with our coin, instead of it just being another update with nobody aware of what happened, but the code got a makeover for speed or something. Especially these days, cryptocurrencies are taking off, we need to let the investors know that something is happening with ReddCoin in order to help people know it is a great coin that they should invest into it.


Use Redd-ID as your golden egg. Maybe mock up some “this is what we want to achieve and how we forsee this working” videos of reddcoin tipping in action on youtube, reddit etc so that new investors can easily see the potential and get on board to help support the coin and grow the community.’

Keep up the great work guys!
Reddcoin is going to catch fire soon :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Futhermore, let any Big Change announcement be bright, cheerful, colorful and sexy. Appeal to those in and out of the crypto community, that would show ambition!

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