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Android Crane RDD

Hi friends. Next week, I’ll be meeting with an application developer for android. I plan to launch an android crane for RDD. But I need financial help, as the programmer’s work will not be free. If someone can financially join this idea, I will be very grateful. Depending on how much the programmer asks, it will be possible to calculate how effective the crane will be. But given that there are a lot of different types of android cranes, I think it will be a good advertisement for RDD. More information will be provided here. Also, every week, I’ll tell you at what stage is the project, when it is ready, and launched on the google play. Anyone wishing to receive the beta version of the project must be registered here. Who wants to help financially, here is my rdd purse:


For all the good day, let rdd = 1 $

I may be being really stupid here, but what is a crane in this context?



This will be an application that will be similar to sites that distribute RDDs for viewing ads, such revenues on the google marketplace a lot, but they are all under BTC.

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I’d like to assume you’re not going to be using ad networks that allow javascript or (now discontinued) flash.

If so, it would be a great idea.
I also was going to build something like this myself, but with proper checks in place so people don’t get their phones infected with some malicious trash. However I’m just a bit lazier than most lol

I plan to make an application that will work on the same principle as the site “”. That is, once in a certain period of time, the user will need to go into the application, press the button, and for this he will receive RDD, also a separate item will be the news about the Reddcoin, where the user will see what’s happening with the project.

Hello everyone again! I had a very productive and rich day. I met with the developer of applications for android, I had a very good conversation with him. But about it later.

There will be a lot of text now:). Sorry for my English!

I will try to describe why I took up this project. I live in Ukraine, earning about $ 200-250 per month, I know that for Europe or the United States it’s a little money, but we have a very good income. At the beginning of this month, I started looking for $ 200 savings and I was interested in this project, and I saw the future of Reddokin. And it happened. I bought a RDD for myself. I know that it’s funny, but for me 200 $ is a lot of money! It’s been a few days and I see that my money has already shrunk by half. So. At first I was disappointed and for some days I was looking for answers like explaining to my wife, where is our money … But, after frustration, I saw that the project has a chance to exist, you only need to give up, and do something to advertise the project.
Weekly, I analyzed the Android application market and saw that there are very popular apps in our country, as well as neighboring countries, that give BTC for viewing ads in the app, and there are also various BTC lotteries and informers. But why not have an RDD? So. It was born the idea to create an application that will combine:
1.RDD for viewing advertising;
2.RDD Lottery;
3. News about the REDKOIN project;
4. price chart for Rdd.
5 …
If you have some ideas about filling up the application, I’m open for discussion. The developer wants to get $ 300 for his work, but I agreed with him that I will pay him part of the RDD coins. In two, three days we will have a meeting, where we will discuss the main terms.
And I’m still counting on your help.
Thank you.

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Hello Faust,

I think what you’re referring to is a Reddcoin Faucet. A Faucet is indeed a website / app that pays you part of the money earned via advertising.

Altough it seems like a cool idea to get free Crypto’s for watching an add, all faucets have the same problem:
The amount of crypto earned is not worth the time
Because as the price of the crypto rises, the payout from your faucet decreases.
And you only get paid out after you’ve reached a certain amount of coins.

Also, there are already a few RDD Faucet websites that work just fine with your phone’s browser.

One last thing. I personally think that RDD faucets take away the idea behind the Reddcoin itself. Wouldn’t it be much more fun recieving RDD for the online content you created (Reddit/FB posts, Youtube vids, Twitch streams etc.)
Instead of just recieving RDD for watching an add?

Even tough, i really love the fact that you went out to promote Reddcoins.
It’s already more than most of us did :wink:
Keep showing that initiative and help RDD become the mainstream social crypto!

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I really enjoy the fact that people are following my project, and I’m glad that some give advice, but they are not enough, I want everyone who looks at this tape to offer something, because it is only by my strength it will be difficult to do this. Perhaps the project will not start in the light of your advice, but I really want to create something that will really attract more people to the Reddcoin project.