Another Guide for ReddCoin Core Wallet - Quick Syncing - VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED

Hey everyone,

I had a lot of success using this guide from “ball0r”, one of the users, but wanted to expand by creating a short video tutorial. Hopefully this helps anyone encountering long sync times. #PeaceLoveandRDD

Here is the original link which you’ll want to have open during the tutorial, and the video is also below!

Thank you for your work on creating that video!
If you don’t mind I’d like to refer to it in my tutorial.
My next staking reward takes two or three days and after that it will find it’s way to your tipping address :wink:

Awesome! I’m so glad you found it. I can’t tell you how much easier your version was than ANYTHING else I could find. I read about RDD for awhile and was so happy to invest but wanted full use of the wallet.

You may absolutely share it if you’d like! I think the more people that can find the help they need the bigger this becomes. Pleasure making your acquaintance, friend tips cap


Sorry for reposting but I think this is important.

I like the idea behind Reddcoin but these kinds of things (my initial sync is taking a few hours already) are really embarrassing.

More importantly: these little things are certainly not helping Reddcoin to be used by the general public.

Can’t this be in the Wallet release? I just got into Reddcoin but if I read correctly this problem exists for years now?

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