Any chance of forum dev talk?

I’ve noticed admins only come by a couple times a month it seems.

But I have an idea that would clear the spam (at least I would think).

Use something like coinhive (authedmine) for registration and for posters that have less than 10 posts or so. I don’t think it sounds “cruel”, just “safe”.

That would probably wipe the spam off the forum by 90%.

Bots can solve captchas, but they probably won’t be too interested if the captcha doesn’t work.

All in all, at least if you use some mining it would still benefit the forum. We could probably have “paid” mods / janitors, etc.

I am thinking about doing a forum that requires a minimum holding balance, like 10 RDD. That would be damn near impossible for bots to bypass. Something like a ‘security deposit’ that gains interest for the forum itself.

Is this idea interesting? I’d love to hear comments, suggestions and the like…

Dont think a forum where you as user have to pay would be good. People are sceptic about paying for a site/forum

Mining reddcoin wont help Reddcoin project at all,

Ok, maybe I misworded my post. is used to mine Monero (XMR). They currently offer a captcha that solves a user set number of hashes before they can be authenticated. So, they have the user “mine” to solve the captcha. This is not your standard picture captcha that a bot could solve. It uses web sockets and the whole crypto js setup.

This would be beneficial to the forum on it’s own. We’re not mining RDD, because it’s not mineable anymore.

Active balances

on the forum would imply that a user deposits 1, 5, 10 RDD into their own address on the forum. This isn’t necessary to post, but would be good in a sense that the forum could put that into a pool and gain the interest off of it.

In no way did I mean to “pay to post”. That would be ridiculous! (^:

However, in the big picture, spam would be easily adverted due to these constraints. “Mining”, meaning solving the coinhive captcha, would be at a great expense to bots / spammers.

I 100% agree with the coin hive idea as it would bring a tiny bit of money to the forum owner (I’m assuming the RDD team?) and I also like the idea of pooling some RDD into a forum address to help out that way. The only issue, however, is who would run it?


It might be up to the community. I honestly thought of starting my own forum, then realized that would be a stupid and tedious idea. I would have to rewrite/write all functionality and the like and I’m just not equipped on time for that kind of stuff lately.

There’s a lot of missed opportunities here I believe we can add, and that would attract more members. More publicity = more attention.

I think one reason RDD isn’t “moving” is because there isn’t enough talk. I joined this forum with intentions to try to help and give it some more life. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think the forum was dead, just, not “alive”.

I don’t know who the forum devs/mods are, but if any of them are reading this, it would be nice to talk to one of you guys.

I’ve been a front/back-end dev for over 12 years.

I agree it’s lacking and I really like your idea - I’d definitely participate if one was set up through the channels, but as you say, they’ve not really been around recently… The administrators and Global_Moderators are around sometimes but not really that much at the moment :confused:

I agree that we’re not really ‘moving’ because of the lack of talk, but there are a few things going on (See the RDD lottery I set up, for example), we just need more…


hello every one,
does anyone know how to contact dev or admin here
i have staking problem, I need to get help from dev
please help me

is reddcoin dev dead???

NO why would you say that ?? reddcoin dosnt have just 1 dev