Anyone Else Notice the #1 Reddcoin Address has dropped to 762,281,023.408373 RDD

Chart of the Top Reddcoin Address(

Buying and selling is healthy for any Coin but I am wondering what the thoughts are of the top percentile of coin holders. This address used to have 3.5% of the coin and this is being slowly unwound returning coins to the market. From 3.5% down to 2.7% of the total coins in circulation. Pay attention to these addresses because large movements of coins can produce dips in price which may be a good buying opportunity. Book mark the page or set a page change notification to get a heads up

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Redshift I somewhat assumed #1 was an exchange rather than an individual. Any particular way to differentiate between exchanges and folks?

skharrah I don’t think this is an exchange because there is not enough activity on the account. This is likely an individual and my guess…and its just a guess that it belongs to the developer ie Laudney.