Anyone watching the Bitcoin/ Bitcoin-XT dramas

Interesting to watch the current status of development of two different streams for one blockchain. A lot of lessons can be learnt here.

What’s that any links I can check out?

playing out in the subreddit amoungst other areas of the internet

Gnasher I have been in there like a dirty shirt on Reddit.

Redshift we can learn a lot by the way this is playing out. Seems like a lot of ego and/or pride on the line with the end users being the victims if it doesnt go well.

Gnasher, theres a lot of ‘‘inside baseball’’ and the stakes are pretty huge.
I called for a massive sell off in Bitcoin in Sept/Oct in the spring of this year and by golly here we have the seeds of that.
I would be a net buyer at $100 or less as it is now not so much.

Anyone here now, some live chat from Jeff Garzik on scaling Bitcoin:

Actually BitcoinXT specifically seems to be petering out now as per . But is has kicked the Bitcoin community up the arse enough to get it taking the matter more seriously with more collective responsibility and initiative replacing the prior head in the sand approach. So whilst I don’t think BitcoinXT will be the answer, I think it has created a very useful impetus.