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A quick blurb about a neat thing I’ve done today in a treat environment…

Awesome bmp02050 , lets see some magic happen

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Working on it…the sad thing about unity is that is doesn’t work with any .net framework past 3.5…and my dll is 4.5. Can’t downgrade it unless I drop newtonsoft… so either reference my custom dll in and make json calls from the game through the website’says api…OR, create a custom server backend that can be used to make the requests to the wallet rpc and sql server.

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Update: I’ve managed to get most of the commands put in so when someone wants to use the library, they merely use this is run from a command line at this point. I use Console.ReadLine(); to get the entire line then split on spaces, setting cmd = the first item in the array and the remaining items to a string array called line_args.

string returned = Parse.Parse_cmd(cmd, line_args);
//returns Indented Json

So if I typed getaddressesbyaccount Account1 into the console, it would parse it as the command getaddressesbyaccount and the address name is Account1. If there is no account, it yells at you. If there is more than 1 account, it yells at you. It is also possible to call the actual Method using

RPC.<rpc method>(ip,port,user,pass,<arg1>,<arg2>, etc)
//where rpcmethod is the method name.  

There are also overloaded methods for calls that have optional info. The “sendmany” call (for example) has 3 methods available. The key to this one is the use of a Dictionary<string,decimal> to get the address that you want to send to, and the amount you want to send to it. Add as many address/amount combos as you want, the program will parse it appropriately.


Reddcoin.Net is officially in Beta Testing now. I’m building my first game (a tower defense) that will use Reddcoin.Net. Excited to try out all sorts of features. I need to put the registration feature into effect properly. Currently, you can register email address, but I need to add the email confirmation aspect of it, the “forgot password” emailer, all that jazz…During the registration process, your email address is used as the account name for the new reddcoin address it creates on the wallet. The goal for CodeReddGames is as follows:

  1. User sends themselves funds to account on CodeReddGames’ website.

  2. User select which game they want to play and pays entry fee (stupid low RDD cost, like 50) just like an old school arcade where kids went to drop quarters into machines.

  3. User plays selected game. Selected game may have (probably will have) in game purchases for RDD. I’m trying not building a pay to win type of thing. Most things will be cosmetic. However, all RDD sent in from any register address is put into the 50/50 whereby the user with the highest scores for each game will get 50% of the profits from the game.

Example: Johnny decides to drop 1000 RDD into his account at CodeReddGames. He plays a tower defense game and spends 50 rdd on the entry fee. During the game, he decides to buy some kick ass skins for his towers and drops another 50 rdd on it. They persist from date of purchase. Buy once kind of thing. Later he drops 25 rdd on some high tech weaponry for his towers. He does this once a day for a week, purchasing new skins every time. Betty decides to play once a day for a week too. She spend 50 rdd, but doesn’t buy anything else…At the end of the week Johnny as dropped 350 RDD in entry fees, 350 in skins and 175 in tower mods (875 RDD Total). Betty spends 350 total. There are 1225 RDD in the pool. Betty has a higher score than Johnny, she gets 613 RDD (because I’m going to round up) send back to her address. Users can add/withdraw any time…


bmp02050 Love these updates!

Great stuff - congrats.