Best place to trade BTC to RDD

According to you, your experience and what’s going on around crypto, where would be the best place to trade BTC into RDD and vice versa ?

that’s what I miss in the list, (

scofield i dont think in the medium term we would get listed on btc-e
C-cex would be an option, but we need to prove a little more to the community we are back. Polo and Bittrex have had some good volume and it seem from some communication that it is a positive move.

I would love to be able to get listed on one or more chinese exchanges as this is a market long over looked

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So i’ve tried poloniex, a bit complicated for new entrant but after you understand the mechanism it is pretty simple.

One question here :
I can deposit RDD to my poloniex account, would it be staking like it is on my wallet there, or I should keep all the RDD on my wallet to maximize the staking and when I want deposit all into the poloniex address you get when creating your account there for deposit ?

I trade on
It is convenient for beginners .