Bitcoin Cash - how to masquerade as a "fork"

Bitcoin Cash is actually not a real fork. Bitcoin Cash is a pre-mined alt coin with free initial distribution based on a copy of the Bitcoin blockchain and with a futures price being rigged through low trading volume on a couple of tertiary exchanges. It is being sold by vested interests as a fork, but it isn’t. In particular, BitMain (a large miner in China) which has been running ASICBOOST which is basically a cheat code netting them a 20% advantage, don’t like where Bitcoin Core is going because the adoption of SegWit will disable ASICBOOST. Hence some miners are speculatively supporting BCC. However longer term miners will mine what is most profitable. Based on current prices, BCC would have to reach at least $1300 to be long term sustainable for miners even with the ASICBOOST advantage. The current rigged futures price is around $340. BCC will fail, as did Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Unlimited - all from the same camp / interest group. Please - Roger Ver - just fork off :wink:

Nice vision. I’m really curious to where this is going. I guess only time will tell :wink:

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Maybe they’re hoping to be the Ethereum Classic of Bitcoin. But I don’t see the two cases as remotely comparable.