Block 1,000,000 is fast approaching (Give-away inside)

We are not too far away from block 1,000,000

Just a touch over 16days.

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion I will give a 1,000,000 RDD bonus payout to the address that stakes this block.

That is, whichever address staked the 1,000,000 Block. I will send 1,000,000 RDD

So, how do you qualify?

It is very simple your wallet needs to be online and staking to have a chance.
The more RDD you are staking, the more chances you have.

Time to start making some predictions for 2016 :smiley:


My prediction on Reddit was for 8 Satoshi…considering we are at 5 Satoshi my track record is pretty SH**

I am happy enough except for the fact that by the time I got my new trading account ready to buy…I missed the intra year lows of Reddcoin and conversely the yearly highs of Bitcoin. Fortunately DCA Dollar cost averaging through out the year means I am at par overall. I am looking to Reddcoin to assert itself over the next couple of years. Its medium term outlook is pretty positive.

How do i stake and i really want to get some
Redd coin to startup??

My wallet Is crypyonator online wallet,
So i don’t know if that will work

I Dont have a pc just my android.

This is my redd address

brosco22 set up your reddcointalk tip address and you might get lucky :wink:

Thanks, I added my address into my profile. Hopefully it works.
Awesome stuff…
Thanks yo!!!

Great - you should have received a tip :slight_smile:

calm before the storm

One million almost here!!! :smiley: Nice excitement to holidays season! :slight_smile:

About 19 hours to go as of 12:30am GMT
Who will it be??

Gnasher et al.

Probably one of the guys who have lots of reddcoins + have a good, long inet connection will get the price ? (1)

How about for the next price (announcement) also sharing some love for the not-so-advantageous ones?

e.g. there could be something like:
Those who have
a) <R reddcoins
b) since >W weeks
c) and are +/-X positions around the millionth block with their generated block

get a prize P also ?

“To increase your chance of finding a valid block … you just need to
have a bigger holding of Reddcoins
and keep your wallet running and connected to Internet to participate.”

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Your right, the one staking the most is going to have more chances of minting the block than someone who only has a few reddcoin.
However, it is still a lottery as to who it will ultimately be.
The intention of this giveaway is purely to reward the address who mints that actual block.

In the future we can look at other options like these

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brosco22 Staking needs a QT wallet.

Redshift I wouldn’t say so. You can unlock your wallet also from the commandline version, I am sure

I guess with my wallet status and my weak internet connection…I will never be able to get the stake possibility ahaha but its okay. Moar power to Reddcoin. :slight_smile: To 2016!!!