blockchain stock @ 621536


I’ve just installed reddcoind on 1 of my raspberry pies, for staking.

Been using the last days to download the chain, took long time. Now today when I woke up, I saw the block count @ 621536 and not raising at all. been stock there for a few hours now. Been restarting and such.

The raspberry pi ain’t the strongest device, men should be able to handle it, plus my own up-link connection is 250/250.
There is still good space left on the device, so thats not the problem either.

I’ve already send my coins to this wallet, as I though it was finish updating blocks, but afterwards found out that it wasn’t.

If I try to put the wallet file into my working desktop wallet, then I get the warning: wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed

I would be unhappy about re downloading the chain again, takes so long time, even tho I had the bootstrap file, maybe I didn’t place it the right place?

If I backup my wallet.dat file now, will the coins still be there?

ReddPi’s are enough for staking, but the ARM client is quite buggy in handling wallet files indeed… I’ve had many issues, especially when updating.

To prevent these issues from taking a lot of time to recover from, I simply dumped my private key on an offline computer, so that when I update my reddcoin client and it bugs out reading the wallet.dat, I simply create a new one with the old private key. This seems to always work (don’t forget to mess with private keys only on offline or airgapped computers)

I’ve also had non syncing issues, a long time ago. For that I didn’t bother much trying to find a solution, I just recompiled the client, and it never happened again.

So basically, what you should do now, step by step is:

  1. Make a new, fresh wallet.dat in an offline computer
  2. Try with the new file and see if it keeps syncing
    If it doesn’t sync:
  3. Recompile
  4. While recompiling, sync Reddcoin in a faster computer
  5. When recompiling on the ReddPi ends, close the Reddcoin client on the faster computer and send all the files to the ReddPi, fix permissions
  6. You’re good to go, in record time!!!

Try this and post feedback :slight_smile:

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tecopos Thanks for the information! currently working for blockchain to be downloaded on both desktop and the pi, messed both up, so did a fresh install of the chain.

If it bugs out again, I’ll try your solution :slight_smile: