Boost Your Crypto!

Hi everyone,

Using YoBit, one of the exchanges that Reddcoin is listed on, you can use their ‘InvestBox’ function to increase the amount of crypto you have! It works by people wishing to promote the coins offering a ‘bounty’ as such to holders for simply having the coin.

What you have to do is buy an amount of the coin you wish to use (I’m using LIZA for it, as they offer a 10% bonus per day!) and buy the minimum amount of that coin needed for the InvestBox - Liza is 10 minimum (each LIZA currently is approx $0.50 at the moment, so for a minimum of a $5 deposit, you could double that every 10 days :slight_smile: . All you then need to do is put the money in the InvestBox and let it sit there, and you will be credited with your bonus each term (depending on the coin you choose, that is either a day, week or month) and play 5 Dice games per day in the coin that you are using (using the minimum bet works :wink: ) and voila! You’re making a little extra on it :slight_smile: It isn’t a ponzi or HYIP - YoBit is a trusted exchange and has been around for a while :slight_smile:

I definitely recommend giving this a look! Let me know if you have any questions!