Bootstrap with coins in wallet?

Installet the wallet (windows) bouth some coins, now I want to use the bootstrap becose syncing the wallet takes long time…(3 years behind). Can this affect the coins in my wallet?

thanks for replys

No it can’t, but you still should backup your wallet so you can get it back whatever happens (I thought nothing will happen and my HardDrive just died lol… luckly I saved everything on different areas or I would lose everything!).

The Blockchain is just a algorithm that contains every earlier transaction. Beginning from ~3+ years. With every new transaction it will get bigger so be prepared to have enough space.

zorndyuke Thanks, But the coins are not even to find in the walled because I aim that far behind, I can only retrace the coins on the internetblockchain…
I would like to see the coins in the wallet so I can try to send some and get used to work with the wallet… I started the wallet, copyet the adress so I could buy some coins. Now I have a wallet working, but I dont see my adresses anymore in the wallet… Im I looking wrong?

Please help , all i did was close redoinwallet and now when i open , it starts up as new and all my coins are gonnneee

did u make a backup ? did u open the wallet or reinstall it ?