Hi all, I have bought reddcoins few days ago using address of reddwallet, but I havent received it yet. The wallet seems not to work. Can someone help me? I have contacted support of Reddcoin and the company I have bought the reddcoins with, but it takes alot of time to get answer due to heavy business at the moment. Thanks in advance.

I need a little more information…

  1. What exchange did you buy the coins from?
  2. Did you set-up your wallet locally and is it fully synced (has downloaded all the blocks)?
  3. How did you get the address wallet to send your coins to?
  4. Did you correctly withdraw the coins from the exchange using the correct wallet address?

Hi, thanks for your reply.


  1. I have used euros to exchange the coins.
  2. I think I have set-up the wallet locally, but it hasn’t synced properly. It’s progress is soooooooo SLOW, annoyingly slow.
  3. I have got the address by the website I have just clicked on the option for Mac and downloaded the software/wallet.
  4. I have chosen the address which was given to me by the wallet. Now, the coins are transferred. I have the notice from the company of which I have bought them from.

Based on what you have replied, i think i may be able to shed some light from my own experience…

The key point is your answer to point (2). Basically your wallet hasn’t yet downloaded the transactions on the blockchain up to your transactions. Once you get to that point you should see you coins appear in your wallet.

If you have a wallet that is syncing 3+years of transaction info, there is a way to speed this up by downloading a copy of the bootstrap… this should help reduce the amount of transactions your wallet will need to download to get up to date… Below is the official link with instructions on how to do this:

Hope it helps… (it can reduce the amount you download to c.2-3wks :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help.

However, I have been busy for hours to get this crap bootstrap extracted. I dont know what to do with this bullshit. Reddcoin wants to conquer the world, lets try to easy up this F****** lowsy shit.

Yeah you just need ur wallet to sync. i have uploaded a bootstrap upto 24 Jan 2018 its in the discussion section have a look that may speed up ur sync issue