Buying Reddcoin

I really want to buy some reddcoin, I have synced up with the blockchain and have my wallet etc but it seems so difficult to buy any, I’m really down. :frowning: I have come across exchanging btc for reddcoin but I have to set accounts up and purchase btc first, then set another account up and exchange that for reddcoin. I tried “wesellcrypto” as they accept(ed) paypal but they aren’t in business at the moment. Can someone help me out please? If you can sell me some reddcoin or point me in the right direction to buy some easily then I would be really appreciative. I have looked everywhere and have come up with nothing.

Why… sometimes I feel like throwing my money away too… if you like, ill buy some the you can buy them off me foe 20%…

zerijapoze : It’s still a bit tricky to get into RDD I guess, especially if you don’t have any BTC. I bought mine through Bittrex some years ago. Which country are you located?

If you have btc then head to or to exchange your btc for rdd