cant extract bootstrap file with mac?

cant extract bootstrap file with mac can someone please help?

on the site it says obtain from macports but not sure what that means


Download the extraction program here:
This will allow you to extract the bootstrap. Then follow the rest of the instructions. Some tips for you. Do not send RDD until you are synced, backup after every transaction and stake them coins.

Good luck and let me know if you need more help,


Also only send a few coins at 1st until you get comfortable.

Another option:
Just open the Terminal and navigate to the folder where you have the .dat file, then run the following command:

gunzip bootstrap.dat.xz

That will start the extract automatically.

CoinChaos hello i see you helped someone a while ago with this. I have been to source forge and downloaded that package but it does not seem to be un “xz” ing the file. Please, are you able to assist? Many thanks