Can't see my wallet



I start my wallet it’s shown that it’s loading and so on and when it should pop up on my desktop it just minimized. It’s shown as a blank page if i put mouse on it. Any thoughts what to do?


It’s still doing checks in the background. Happens all the time, leave it go for a bit.


Well now it’s more then 24h and still blank…


Depending on your system specs it can take a while.
It has to download, extract and read all the blocks from the past 3+ years.

It took my pc 3 full days to do so. And yes i used the bootstrap. So please be patient.


I had downloaded all blocks and already used it. I even was started staking for a week or two and then this happen ( i believe after windows update) maybe something wrong is with Flash player?


Do you happen to have a back-up of your wallet? If so you could try reinstalling the wallet.

You could also try any of the following basic steps (which you probably already have):

  • restart computer
  • restart wallet aplication
  • checking in taskmanager if the program is responding?

I realy hope you get it to work somehow. It would be a shame if you lost your coins :frowning:
How many did you have??


Back-up is a copy of wallet.dat? Or need to do something more?

Yes everything was done and it’s responding in task manager. In the right windows corner there is icon of reddcoin wallet it also respond to mouse 2 actions. I can press send or request but it don’t pop up on screen and can’t insert any text.

There was not much ~2000 sometihng like that, was testing this software i happy now that i didn’t send up there more…


I’m not sure if a copy of wallet.dat will be enough. I made my back-ups using the back-up option in the options itself.
It then exports a back-up file to your selected location. (I saved my back-ups on my C:\ drive , D:\ drive & on a usb stick & my cloud storage space just to make sure)

I hope the devs can help you with this problem, i’m at a total loss here :frowning:


Yeah i hope it too. I can open debug window/console it pop up on screen. Might solve something through there but need help with commands :expressionless:


Your wallet may be “out of bounds”, as explained in my other post last week.

You can follow the instructions I left here from the forum.


This one helped! Thanks


ltupower said in Can't see my wallet:

This one helped! Thanks

my solution helped? idk the forum rules but I would appreciate an upvote (^:


lvtion Yes it helped :slight_smile: