Cold/Hard Wallet

Are there any cold/hard wallets that accept Reddcoin?

I’m wondering if any companies that do create hard wallets (Nano S Ledger) are planning to add Reddcoin to them?

Any information helps,



That would be interesting, since I am also using Nano S Ledger for BTC and ETH.

Looks like it only needs an software update to support Reddcoin.
Maybe they will add support if enough people are asking for it.

For myself I got some Dogtags with QR-Codes laser engraved on it.
They look really nice and will be fire resistant up to a certain degree.
I was thinking about offering them but there are some major issues.
I have to generate and engrave every key by hand.
This would be very expensive and there is no way for me to assure I’m not keeping the keys.