Complete Guide to Install and sync (fast) windows Reddwallet (Social Wallet)

ReadHeads: I wrote a quick guide for those who are having trouble with getting ReddWallet (Social Wallet) to work.

redcoin core wallet is having syncing issues even with the bootstrap file so try to avoid core wallet, I have the fix for core wallet as well, a guide will be published soon. stay tuned!.
Get on the social wallet with the ReddWallet (social wallet) which is also recommended by the developers infact devs are already using the social wallet.

link to guide pdf file :

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roasted So how long does it take to sync? It’s not completely synced even with the bootstrap. Thanks for the guide!

Look at “Statistics”
It says 0 Connections there.
This software isn’t working anymore neither on PC nor MAC.
It’s from 2014 and I would call that outdated.

There are no connections…
So what do i do then?

FredrikHoel it will take some time a day or two, you have to wait til it syncs its faster than core wallet sync.

ball0r it works you must be doing someting wrong check again.

roasted So I just wait until the block reaches 2 million something? It’s 300K now and going steadily up, and I think the sync should be done in a day as you say.

roasted It stopped syncing at 369000 blocks…

roasted Ok, managed to fix the syncing problem… and I got a lot of connections, but I get a Daemon error message stating that the wallet version is obsolete… But it’s working alright…

bonjour a tous
petit soucis depuis hier mon wallet est bloqué à - 2 semaines et il dit pas de bloc e disponible voila une capture ecran

merci de votre aide

ps vous pouvez le faire monter à 1 euro car je dois m’acheter une maison rapidement lol

FredrikHoel can you screen shot the wallet and error? Daemon should not be a problem. You didnt pasted .dat file to the main wallet folder right ? make sure you paste the .dat file in “C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\ReddWallet\daemon” only!

cryptomanfr First of all i dont understand the language but the picture is enough.

When sync reaches this far when it cannot find the block source, if you have bootstrap.dat file still in the “C:\Users\xxxxxx\AppData\Local\ReddWallet\daemon” the you should delete it so that it can sync the rest of blocks from network and not from the disk.

I hope that helps.

roasted Ok, I think I fixed all of it, no error anymore… My fix with the syncing was to download the whole blockchain from first… Then it was synced in no time. But I forgot to put the bootstrap in the folder afterwards. After putting the bootstrap file in folder I didn’t get the error any more and all is good :smiley:

roasted Update… At first there was no error from the daemon when I was using the wallet, but after leaving the wallet on for a while the error came back…

FredrikHoel the error comes because it cannot find the blockchain. So it is important to get the blockchain as well and you did it right! Now all should be well, have fun with it.

FredrikHoel ok i read your last post now so you said you getting error again ? but can you clear it to me that you are using core wallet or ReddWallet ?

Note : i am writing guide for core wallet windows as well because i have fixed the problem and will post guide soon.

roasted The error is for the ReddWallet. The Core Wallet works fine.