[Congratulations] BIP66 has been activated


On 28th January, 2017 BIP66 has been activated.
Block 1564142

If you haven’t upgraded, and you are staking you need to NOW!


Ha ha! We did it!


i am actully confused about this. im used to how btc works. can you explain me this bip thing, and more about the difficulty increase.


so rdd is more secure now?


Reddcoinnoob actually in this case it is exactly like Bitcoin.

BIP66 was introduced originally by Bitcoin in 2015 to resolve an issue in the was SSL signed transactions. The proposal addressed the way that transactions were signed to make sure they complied to DER

The signaling we used (85% of the network generating v4 blocks) followed similar also.

BIPs (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) document the inclusion, improvement, enhancements to the project.


FaintinGoat yes, more secure now


How do we upgrade?


Download the relevant version from

Backup (make a copy) your wallet.dat

Uninstall old reddcoin wallet
Install new reddcoin wallet


Gnasher so if I downloaded and installed the wallet after August, 2016, I don’t need to upgrade?


Vanamonde if you downloaded that wallet (version 2.0) you are good.
If you want to check your installed version Help => Debug Window => Information