Lets organize to tip some famous youtuber/artist all together to push this thing into the mainstream!! NELK recently posted a video on youtube where they tell their fans they don’t make any money on their youtube content anymore, they are craving for suggestions !! So I think NELK could really be something to look at! The reddcoin community on youtube already posted some vids on this idea!!! CHECK IT OUTTTT!!
Just lets stay tipping them even tough that date has past !!!

reds_to_the_moon This is actually already happening and the first tip happened on last Wednesday. The coordinator is Reddcoin Community. You can follow them on Twitter at: Reddcoincommunity and also check them out on Youtube. Here’s how the tip went: There was a Youtuber (Nelk Filmz) who was complaining that with 1mill views on his very recent video he only made $34 which was less than it cost him to buy the supplies he used in his video. Reddcoin Community picked the day and we all sent small amounts of RDD. We ended up tipping over 78,000 RDD which totaled up to about $105. This was the first of many to come by Reddcoin Community so check him out. Here is a YT link as well: