Cryptocoins, how do they rise in worth?

I’m wondering, just now the RDD price on Litebit shot up from 0.0196 to 0.224. in 1 hour.

What makes it do that? Is someone somewhere buying a buttload of RDD somewhere so the value goes up? does Litebit and other traders decide this? i’m fine with it, i mean yay we have more worth to our coins, but why? How? In stocks you have a business wich fares in a certain way what makes their stock drop and rise, but RDD or other cryptocurrency don’t have anything like that. with a few exeptions(like mr Mcafee twittering and stuff).

i’m curious what you guys think of/about this.

it’s probably the reason of FOMO when the news hit that Zuckerburg will integrate crypto in his platform. So basically you can think of coins out there that can be related to Facebook, RDD qualifies for such. So yeah maybe that’s one of the reason why. Haha.

Haxdax hi you made a mistake. The price went up to 0,024. Not 0.224 that would be more amazing.

malondepalon Ha yeah my bad you’re absolutely right, Can’t edit it out anymore tough…