Cryptounited pool staking? Is it legit?

Hey, I am just learning about staking and I ran across this staking pool. Looks like it could be a scam. Anyone know anything? Sending my RDD to an unproven situation is not a good idea. So far haven;t seen anyone staking here from their wallet making anything yet. Love some feedback.

Word man just staking is not a scam and many people even tech you that in youtube for exemple


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Trust your gut. Sending any money to a service that promises returns is always a scam. Don’t let paid shills tell you otherwise.

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Not going to trust any of those as it seems like hyip and transferring your coins to someone to gain some interest back is risky.


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Sorry, no shill spam allowed. This has been covered by other members in detail.


  1. what is “shill spam”?
  2. is speaking the truth not alowed?

tony1k I’m going to make it perfectly clear: It’s referral spam.

Reddit thread about StakeUnited and why you shouldn’t use them

Also, your original post was formatted just like their cookie-cutter spam posted anywhere else, but your reply to me is quite different. Seems kind of odd, because there are only questions and not the “glowing reviews” found anywhere.

To anyone else: You can stake with Reddcoin-Qt. No need to send your coins off to somewhere as they may be gone next time you log in.

sorry, i wasnt aware