Devs communication with Korean

Hey devs. I am a holder and active supporter rdd. Today, unfortunately again I have seen your stupid position. In this post I will try explain what you doing wrong. It’s very hard to me, because English not my native language, and I am very angry!!! At first I must say, if you had brains rdd now can cost over 10 usd. But it dosent matter, your position we don’t have a goal of price rdd and so on I know. But!!! What you doing with Korean guy who did your work?!! '!? Do you have any brains!!! If you told smth, you must do it! If you told the guy that you post road map until February you MUST DO IT!!! are not gentleman, you can lie when you want or talk without any prove… It’s your choice. We all know it but??? Why you didn’t include guy in team who help rdd listed in UPBIT!!! When I read his messages today I think that you downs, imbeciles, and so on. 99*% wish have community like rdd, but you fucking it. Why!!!)!!! I hate you. Your politics fool.