Do I need to run the wallet 24/7 to stake?


I just got a bunch of rdd, and I have the wallet synced up and staking. (Nice simple process BTW… Monero was a nightmare) Reading through the PoSV and Wiki, I get kind of confused about whether I need to run it all the time to stake.

I see the “coin age” is not affected by whether the wallet is on or not, but that it does have to be on to stake, but it seems it doesn’t have to be on all the time.

Just looking for clarification of this.

Hi Almo, welcome.
There is no need to run the node 24/7 in order to stake.
Coin age will be accumulated whether your wallet in online or offline.

Now, if you only run your wallet part-time, you will probably get a higher number of stakes each time when you online your wallet (you have more coin-age). And the frequency will fall back to a more normalised number the longer you have your wallet running (as your coin-age is consumed).

So, to explain in a different way,
Someone who runs their wallet 24/7 will have a steady frequency of stakes.
Someone who only puts their wallet online sometimes, will be able to stake during that period of being online and probably get a higher stake amount. These amounts will become smaller as coin age reduces.

BTW, you are not gaming the system in this way, if you look at your stake rewards over a longer period of time them amounts gained would be within the 5% inflation

To add, the main reason to run 24/7 would be to act as a full note and support the network


Ok! Thanks for the info.

My plan is to run it in the evenings to support the network, since I’m usually streaming music or something with the puter anyway. But I can’t run it 24/7 due to power cost.