Earn Coins to listen radio

Get Coins when you listen radio music.

BRO Coin - registration link click here

I like this… Before I find this I listen music on internet ´, now I get coins. :slight_smile:

liesmich how easy is it to get them out of the website? any proof of transactions
how return do you get for a min of listening?

Yes, proof of transaction by my self. And see youtube videos.
You can open more tabs, so you have more streams, so you get more coins.
(in your browser you can make the sound off - if you like only one stream sound on) :wink:
At the moment 1 Coin = 0,50€ = 0,66US$ (but 2 weeks ago before the market falls it was over 1 US$.
You don`t get rich but when you listen music, you get a little bit.
Before I find them, I listen music always for nothing.

You need a browser because nearly every 3hours a captcha check if you are human.

Accepts RDD Tips:

what is the time vs return - How many min to earn one coin?

And could you also please provide a transaction ID or something so we know it actually pays?


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CaffeinatedSloth 100% that’s what is required! need to understand ROI

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I think the easierst way is to give you the link to bitcointalk.

That’s still not payment proof though… You said

Yes, proof of transaction by my self

I’m assuming that means you’ve had an actual payout to your wallet from the website. If this is the case, can you provide something like a transaction ID or something similar to prove they actually payout?


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liesmich Simple as how many conis per hour do I earn - I put a very detailed post to how to earn reddcoins by watching video ads.

this was popular as the time and the reward was good.

I also showed the transaction in to my wallet. - not just a referral link

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