Email Validation Resolved

Re: Email Validation

The email validation issues should now be resolved and I have pushed the validation emails that were stuck in pending:

This issue required a few things to occur in order to resolve.

  • Update of the email provider to support our configuration requirements (Changed providers to support our payment requirements)
  • Update the nodeBB forum software to a version that supported new emailer requirements

Thank you, I received an email about this thread. Nice work.

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Thanks, everything will happen in due course. More hands, would obviously make it happen faster, but it is what it is.
Not a criticism, but there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes and it all needs attention,

I am optimistic, and see an interesting future for Reddcoin and what we are doing.

Gnasher I hear ya, I have no expectations, as I understand that it is all of us, who have to build Reddcoin. It doesn’t just fall in our laps.