EOS daily DApp users and transaction volume exceeds Ethereum


The total market value of global digital currency was 203.5 billion US dollars, a slight increase of 2.7 billion US dollars compared with yesterday, and the 24-hour trading volume was 10.9 billion US dollars, down about 2 billion US dollars. Citicoins monitored the market value of the top 100 digital currency currencies with an average increase of 1.67%, 76 up, 24 down. The 24-hour trading volume of the top ten digital currencies has shrunk to varying degrees, and the exchanges are also.

BTC to usd at $6,500 in the shock, and fell from $6,695 to $6,535 around 16:00 yesterday. However, BTC’s current trading volume contraction is relatively strong, falling 20.64% in 24 hours. ETH led the market’s top 20 major currencies, and the trend became a bright. After breaking through the $200 mark around 21:00 on September 13, ETH went up in shocks, approaching $230 at 22:00 on September 15. But like BTC, ETH trading volume is also shrinking, reaching 24.95%.

The increase in price means that the transaction is insufficient, and the market is not a good signal for future transactions. A small rebound in the past two days may be blocked, and the market may face a correction. Moreover, according to the monitoring of BitEasy data, both BTC and ETH coin are facing heavier selling pressure. Although there has been an optimistic analysis of recent trends in the media, investors should still carefully adjust their positions and wait for directions. After all, this week’s positive news about the entry of heavyweight financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the positive signals of many US dollar-linked stable currency has not greatly boosted the market. The overall investor confidence is still insufficient. Due to the small rise of BTC and ETH to usd, it is easy to advance.

However, ETH can expect that next week, Ethereum will be upgraded, or it will improve the performance of ETH network, and may reduce miners’ rewards. ETH has already surpassed the “crash” hype, and there is a certain investment space in the medium term. .

EOS daily DApp users and transactions exceed Ethereum: According to sludgefeed, according to data compiled by digital currency market researcher Kevin Rooke, EOS has 11,428 DApp users in the past 24 hours, while the Ethereum network has 10,562. In addition, the 7-day DApp transaction volume on EOS was $48 million, and Ethereum was only $26 million.

Market: BTC reported $6517.05, up 0.05% in 24 hours; ETH reported $220.38, up 3.72%; XRP reported $0.280676, up 0.87%; BCH reported $445.59, down 1.44%; EOS coin price reported $5.36, up 1.34%.