Facebook a potential buyer of Reddcoin??? Maybe!!!

So Zuckerberg just recently announced that fb is not going to create their own Coin, because its probably already looking at buying out the next system thats in place. that brings us to RDD, where does the system stand?? for a social media based coin not to much of that going on. projects are not clear yet theres a major opportunity. How about some serious re tweeking of current up to date info. with more support and info from staff in background. updates to website and fb, twitter etc. lets make this the coin that makes the most millionares and lets make the coinholders the actual shareholders of this great opportunity

Massive potential here… hope Dev team is looking in to it!!!

This would be amazing, I may even start using FB again if they buy Reddcoin!


That would be great, can you post your source cause i could only find that MZ was just looking at crypto nothing on Facebook not doing their own coin…Thanks

That’s my guess. I said in the article “My guess is that Facebook would like to use cryptocurrency to collect service fees from subscribers and audience.”

reddcoin is autonomous and should not join a social network in particular but work with all existing, that will raise the price of the currency only with the release of Redd Id and be listed in other exchanges, it will get to Mars, Saturn or go out to another galaxy. That ensures success of Reddcoin is that its transfer speed is very fast and the commissions are 0% which ensures a massive adoption.

first it will be the update that developers work price 0,35$

second will be listed in some Korean exchange price 0,50$

third others exchanges will be interested probable bithumb and coinbase price 0.75$

fourth release of Red Id price $ 3.50

fifth the massive adoption in social networks will make reddcoin not only a platform for tips to be a means for international payments Price 10$

Sixth the massive attraction to whales and the use in global unconventional social networks together with international payments adding the commercial use and the use as currency in betting sites and online games will bring the price to $ 100

Reddcoin shouldn’t be bought. It should be enough that Facebook invests and implements the RDD tipping system on Facebook. That way the door stays open for other social media platforms and content creator websites (like Twitter, YouTube, Patreon, Twitch etc.) to implement Reddcoin.

I also think that there is no need to count, and also offer Reddkoins to one or two social networks. Reddcoin is a project that should be over social measures, and combine them all in just one account. In my opinion, this will not just be done, but it will be a truly unique project that can combine all social networks into ONE.