Fast and easy RDD purchase without using Bitcoin

Hi all,

**Australia Based solution **
afew people have asked me whats the best way to buy reddcoin they have been complaining about the transaction fees buying bitcoin and then trading that for reddcoin.
I mined reddcoin a longtime ago so I haven’t really had to buy, but I set out on a mission to buy afew and within 5 min I found the answer :slight_smile: if you just want to buy Reddcoin without the hassles of buying BTC first (In Australia) then I can recommend and even better they also have blueshyft which allows you to deposit cash in a supporting newsagency and its instantly in your coinspot account :slight_smile: you do have to verify your account but usually only takes afew days.

Hope this helps people out…

as Gnasher says … Stake On :wink: