For anyone interested in traveling to Spain for holidays and paying with crypto.

I’m not sure how to approach this, so i’ll keep it as straight to the point as possible but still giving a bit of background.

My parents bought a wounderful luxury Villa some 10 years ago in a natural reserve, at a mere 70 meters from the coast. We (the family) have 5 mortgages and we’re not exactly swimming in money so we need to rent it to cover life expenses (w/ Housetrip and such, they have rented it a few times already without any problem whatsoever), but i want to stress that we are in no dire need of money.

Anyway, after talking with them about BTC (they know i’m involved in “this stuff”) they have agreed to accept BTC from now on, so if anyone’s interested in renting a spanish coastal luxury villa (i’m not kidding you the thing is damn expensive, market prices) please let me know, i’ve published the add at ( and i’m also working on the actual site ( - It’s a draft so please don’t mind the 5-minute-template crappiness).

BTC only (not RDD due to obvious liquidity concerns), but if you come from this community you’ll get a 10% discount.

EDIT: You also get to know me IRL, so considering that you’ll have to deal with me in person a 20% discount would be more attractive i guess. >_>

After reading this and checking the links I now have an urge to come to Spain.

Unfortunately this is not possible for the rest of the year. Next year though…

Bonus - although my holiday proposals are regularly vetoed by my wife, this one will pass no problem!

Mmmmmm Spain.
I can only dream. But I love the idea that i may be there someday.
For the moment, it is a vacation that I can only dream.
The Villa does look spectacular

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/me is often in Spain.

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Thank you all for the replies, and for showing interest! I love this community.

If you ever decide to come to “our Villa” you’ll have a personal guide/assistant (me) for free, plus i’d never pass the opportunity to meet you IRL and enjoy a good paella while catching up! :slight_smile:

You all know how to contact me, just drop me a line.

Gnasher maybe you’ll have to come someday, but as a (paid for) business trrdip. :smiley:

Spain has one of the most advanced (!!) BTC regulations, it’s considered legal tinder and to top it off you have over 10.000 ATMs bitcoin-enabled via the hal-cash network, 130+ in Barcelona alone (

Anyway here’s a satellite view of the house’s location so you can see it better:Àliga,+7,+43860+L’Ametlla+de+Mar,+Tarragona,+España/40.8497233,0.7618262,300m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x12a1109a1948343d:0x4de378c9bb1258c4?hl=es

I think, it is not a problem today. To find the place in the foreign country to pay via crypto. But when you start to plan the trip, it is better to ask your agent about this detail. For instance, after I asked about it, they clarified me all the elements to move on. I am definitely satisfied with my traveling and sure to use their services once again.