forum update and introduction of the tip button

Dear fellow Reddheads:

Later today we’ll upgrade the forum to the latest stable version and soon afterwards we’ll introduce a “tip button” written by Gnasher. It should be quite quick and take no more than 1 hour. During the upgrade, you may not be able to visit the website.


laudney good stuff

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Gnasher Good work!

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Great news!

Looking forward to the update, and tip button, im yet learn how to intergrate an image/tip button personally, so an auto one would be ace!!

Any chance of a brief update on how the social x and many other projects are coming along?

To me, reddcoin seems to be on its knees. Very small community, which seems to be getting smaller and smaller (or less talk on here). The price (I know its kinda irrelevant) seems to be dropping and losing buy orders (maybe manipulation, but still.). There has also been thefts of coins from sites and due to the closure of reddapi.

Im not intending to be so negative in a bad way, but some nice little updates would bring a smile to mine and many others faces I feel, and bring some positivity back.

We have encountered a bug during upgrade to nodded 0.6.1 and filed a report. Hopefully it’ll be solved very soon.