From the ReddCoin devs - Jan 1, 2018 (reddit link)

ReddCoin - New Year 2018

Well, ReddHeads, Happy New Year! It’s been an amazing year for our community and cryptocurrency in general. We’ve gained an immense number of new members of the community, tipping and sharing as well as “hodling” and staking.

Side note, folks, if you’re not trading your ReddCoin, they need to be in the desktop wallet helping to secure the network and earning up to 5% “interest”.

I’d like to recap some of our major news and developments to date for some of our newer members of the community. We have seen extreme recent growth in our subreddit and social presence and we have you all to thank for that. Keep posting and sharing good stuff.

We’ve been featured on,, IBT, and other media outlets. John McAfee, for good or bad, chose our coin to tweet about, with a keen eye toward it’s utility and speed as a tipcoin. Rumors continue to swirl, in this community, as in many others. We’ve got some petitions going to broaden our usage and encourage platforms to use our coin for tipping content creators and other users. We have active tip-bots on multiple channels, and are being incorporated as a payment mechanism into other platforms right now. Enterprising community members are stepping up to run competitions and giveaways in our increasingly valuable #RDD.

How to get involved:

Sign the ReddCoin petition(s).

Vote for us on altcoinexchange.

Binance voting is open. If you’d like to see us listed there, feel free to cast your vote. No further official word will be posted until that relationship is or isnt finalized, as their terms dictate.

If you know of other reputable and solid exchanges we belong on, feel free to request our listing, and the dev team will follow up where appropriate. Remember, our community (that’s you guys and girls) is just as important as our internal work and evolution. We all want to grow together.

ReddCoin has been integrated with (Local World Forwarders) both as a method of tipping their end-parties and vendors within their backend platform, but also as a method of buying into their ICO. Feel free to visit their website ( and social channels and engage with their team. They’ve also offered RDD contributors a bonus of 40% instead of their standard 25% for those buying between Jan 3 and 9.

Github was intended to have been updated with both code and compiled executable binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux, version prior to the holiday, but some issues have arisen with the compile process, and we want to make sure releases are as bugfree as possible. Release is expected momentarily.

The new version includes significantly faster sync times, as well as additional DNS seeds for more geographic robustness in the network aimed at improving performance as we grow. We always recommend backing up your wallet.dat and password prior to installing new versions, and if you’re not sure how to do that, there are guides and info on the subreddit, wiki and We are updating all of that shortly as well, as there is some outdated info on the wiki and elsewhere. In fact, if you’d like to help work on that aspect, we’d love some volunteers. Feel free to PM me or one of the other mods.

We’d like to say goodbye to Gozzzy, returning to school to follow his own pursuits. He’ll be missed. But as we realize that more development talent is needed, we are initiating a bounty program to compensate willing and knowledgeable developers for working on the reddcoin project. Details will be forthcoming in a separate post, but of you can do compelling videos, if you’re a coder with blockchain experience, or other technical expertise that might fit, if you can write step-by-step "how-to"s or other documentation, if you can translate content into other languages, we want your skills! Not only will we be paying bounties in various amounts, but who knows, the best stuff may just gather some tips from your mates in the community! We will share on official channels the most awesome.

Other than that, we look forward to an exciting 2018 for cryptocurrency in general, and ReddCoin specifically. We do have some interesting things being worked on, and will release info shortly. Stake on!!

Really good to see you back on site!
Stick around… this forum is about to get crazy busy!!

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Really impressed with the foundations you guys are putting in place. There is an awful lot of potential in this coin. I’d be really keen to get an update on the roadmap.

A couple of thoughts from me on what i as joe-public would be looking for:

A mobile app to be able to load my wallet using Fiat currency. At the moment i had to go through YoBit to buy mine.
A roadmap / view on how the inner circle see it being integrated on 3rd party apps (Vision/Objectives)
Sample E-2-E Customer / User Journeys (From Loading Redd Coin to Consuming / withdrawing Redd Coin)

Cheers… from a new Staker and HODL’er - keep up the good work!

great update, looking forward to the future of reddcoin.