Fun writing about Reddcoin :D

To put things in perspective Reddcoin has market cap of $411,991,170 USD! the developers of Reddcoin have promised alot for the past years and how many of there promises have they met for the past 4 years ? I’m not 100% sure but about 99% sure but I thing the answer for that question is about 0% have been fulfilled.

The last one thing that was heard from the lead developer mister Gnasher himself was this video where we see a middle aged drunk man talking about his project. and his personal facebook

Then it is Bradley Ploof what has him done for the past years? what is his jobe? A job that keeps him so busy from working on Reddcoin if looking at his linkedin page he is a software developer for ,Darn Tough Vermont, a sock company ! and here is is Twitter account and the man himself Bradley Ploof

And it is good to point out that Bradley Ploof and Leonard Simonse are not friends on facebook and do not follow each other on twitter. and

Then it is our sweet young Leonard Simonse aka lionzeye here are his 2 twitter account and it is good to point out that Leonard and Bradley both follow Gnasher aka John Nash on twitter but Gnasher/John does not follow them both. But what more can we find about sweet Leonard if you look at his one of his Twitter account here we can see into a live of a young man that likes to gamble a lot, then there are the shortage of pictures of sweet Leonard but is this the same person ? and then look at his twitter profile photo one can ask ? Leonard is a proud owner of a company named next2it and there webpage is proof and the facebook page of next2it has onli 5 likes

And then it is mr James Tweeg uuu James who

Then there is the something big for you did all, but did you all know that Reddcoin was listed as a company for some time and registered in the UK and it was Dissolved on 15 December 2015!!

And then at the end ! All these developers live in different countries and different continents in different time zones they are not friends on facebook and not following each other on twitter for social coin they are extremely antisocial, and this is the project that you want to put you´r money into and encourage others to do the same.

P.s remember that Reddcoin has market cap of $411,991,170 USD! and does it deserves it ? P.s English is not my mother language so sorry for the spelling errors