Fundraiser[Need RDD community suggestions]

I am thinking to create a campaign to raise funds for a cowshed in my native village (Rajasthan state, India). This cowshed was started by a single person few years back by collecting donations from the people from our village who are living in cities now and it proudly takes care of more than 500 cows (These cows are left to live and die by owners on their own once they stop providing milk).
Rajasthan being a dry state there is not much to eat for these cows in desert areas like our villages.

I was born in this village and I live in USA for my work. I have been donating some part of my salary for cow food from last 2 years. I want to help this person so that he can continue with what he started and I can do my bit. He has dedicated his whole life to this purpose. We don’t see many people like him from where I belong where good education and good jobs are still lacking.

Whatever money I can gather will be used for acquiring more land for increasing capacity, construction, cow foods etc…

Wanted to see if starting a RDD donation campaign will help and how RDD community responds to this. Any thoughts from members?