Getting Reddcoin listed on exchanges...


Hi, sorry if this has been covered before. I think there is a real growth opportunity / massive marketing opportunity by getting ReddCoin listed on the various crypto exchanges…

For example, if someone from Reddcoin can complete the following form, Binance will look at adding it: (source page here:

I’ll search for others too!

No publicity like getting people to buy and trade the coin…! :slight_smile:


KuCoin >


Who know why autors reddcoind don’t do that yet? Only 1 normal exchanges work with our coin. Bittrex.


cortescompany777 Cryptopia carries it too.

It’s my favorite so far but each has pros/cons. YMMV


I have accounts on both Cryptopia and Bleutrade , both have Reddcoin as well. Bleutrade Is my favorite though, as it is small and therefor easier to sell high and buy low. The prices jump up and down faster than on the bigger exchanges.


As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Yobit definitely has a big volume of RDD, but the trade volume is quite low. That needs to change because I can’t be the only 1 of 3 people trading there (^:


Currently trade volumes are low everywhere for Reddcoin… those that have Reddcoin obiously believe in them and dont want to sell, those that dont have them may fail to see it’s potential so arent really buying…


Looks like trading will increase the coming days… price is starting to rise :blush: