Glider is going to fly to 90,000 ft should it carry a Reddcoin Logo?

Joe Kline / The Bulletin
Pilot Jim Payne stands in front of the Perlan 2 experimental glider at RDD Enterprises in Redmond on Wednesday. Payne is set to test fly the aircraft next week in Redmond.


Office Phone:
541 504-0305

Email Address:
Physical Address:
2244 Airport Way
Suite 130
Redmond, OR 97756

I am part of a small internet community on Reddit/r/aviation and Reddit/r/reddcoin
I was hoping you would consider carrying a small sticker for our community for your record breaking attempt.
We would love it if you would consider carrying either or both logo’s in your cockpit or on your aircraft for luck.

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Yes it would be great

This is a most interesting coincidence (for me at least)… i’ve logged hundreds of hours in simulators (aviation / space exploration has been one of my interests since i can remember).

It’d be way too cool, but i don’t think they’d put a Reddcoin sticker in it - even if it had positive buoyancy… they’re aiming really high (no pun intended).

Red Bull also has an interest in the program

Plus, can we compete against them? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Didi No one is trying to compete with anyone. Its a cool project and its a way or increasing awareness.

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Redshift I know it’s not a competition. I’m just giving my point of view… if they ever have to choose a sponsor it won’t be something that virtually nobody knows such as Reddcoin. Granted, it would be badass, friggin’ awesome, as cool as 0ºK. I would even donate all the funds pledged for a little RDD sticker in the glider, you won’t get better advertising for $1k (Dogecar is good, but i for one couldn’t care less about Nascar - it’s mostly a north american thing only, here in europe we give approximately 0.01 craps about driving in circles), we’re talking top notch aerospace tech, not just brute horsepower the american way.

In any event i enjoyed the read, i wasn’t aware of this project - and even less that it was somehow “RDD related”, i’m just giving my opinion. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Not that i really care, but downvoting a point of view is not how i understand life. But i’m cool with it.

Didi, Lets let them decline the invitation. If we ask and they say no fair enough but allow people the chance to ask the question. Your response seemed to be sayng NO on their behalf (which ticked me off)
There is enough negativity to go around. If People care enough to find opportunities to promote the coin then the least people can do is be appreciative and positive. i

‘’ don’t think they’d put a Reddcoin sticker in it - even if it had positive buoyancy… they’re aiming really high (no pun intended).’’

That comment annoyed me. Accept the down vote because from my point of view it was negative and unhelpful

Redshift I really appreciate all that you are doing for the project and your involvement, but i think you’re taking things too literally and stress is taking its toll. If you carefully read my post again you’ll see that i like the idea a lot, i even upvoted your post and i certainly wasn’t saiyng NO on their behalf - i simply was being a bit realistic if you will. This project is the project of their life, they’re trying to make history. And let’s accept it, they may know about bitcoin but i highly doubt they know about alts, let alone RDD. And as far as i can tell Red Bull is interested, but they have NOT accepted partnership… in my book this means “thanks but no thanks, we’re good on our own”.

But ah well, if you want to consider a little advice from me grab a cold one and relax for a bit, even forget about RDD altogether for a few days. I still contribute in my own way (i’m not a freeloader) but my “online health” has improved quite a bit since i decided to distance myself from the project.

PS: I never thought that my post was “negative”, but YMMV i suppose. I even used an emoticon (:P) to try to leave my point clear but maybe i failed. No one is perfect.

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Didi I got nothing. Write to them and ask as I did or don’t… I did not post this thread to get into a pissing match or a discussion about anything. I saw an opportunity for those who want to extend themselves.
Write to them or Don’t.

Great idea… and if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Sometimes the most unexpected things come out of just giving something a go.

It would be interesting to know if they do have any sponsorship plans.

A while ago I lazily browsed opportunities for brand promotion in the same field. For example I believe most of the teams working towards the Google lunar X prize have sponsorship woven into their plans.

If you have the time Redshift I reckon it would be a good idea to do more research and build a list of contacts for opportunities in this space (no pun intended) as in the future it may come in very handy for promotion.

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Excellent idea, sitting around proffering opinions is going to get us no where. To quote ‘‘Rita Heyworth and the Shawshank Redemption’’ Brooks Hadlin…’‘Get Busy Livin or Get Busy Dying But Get Busy’’ Whats the harm in looking for a synergy and asking a question? I am not afraid of being told NO… I am more afraid of missing an opportunity because I was too afraid to ask. I have no time for any other attitudes or opinions that either speak for the status quo or fail to seek a positive outcome. We can all find reasons NOT to do anything logical, well founded and rational sounding arguments that will keep us from trying to do anything. I am not a rational or reasonable man and progress…all progress depends on unreasonable people like me. A rational man will look at the situation and ask the question WHY an unreasonable man will look at the situation and say WHY NOT?
If anyone anywhere wants to try something that has a shred of possibility…encourage and help them dont waste their time telling them all the reasons it cant or wont be done.
Nows the time, this is the place…lets do what it takes and move forward. No 1/2 measures…in or out…ALL or nothing…I havent got the time or energy to waste converting people into believers. I said it before and I’ll say it again…I am all in win lose or draw.

Excellent attitude! You will live long and prosper.

I don’t accept NO to very many things I want to accomplish. Recently I decided to start a chain of Hot Dog drive-thrus. I formed a corp (BIG WEENIE INC) and started construction on the first drive thru. In Oklahoma the Dept. of Health controls Food Establishments, so I invited them to give me guidance.

They threw me a ringer…the small buildings would each have to have an employee bathroom. The regulation said, one would have to be readily accessible. I pointed this out and even read them the requirements for a Non-Profit (They can use port-a-pottys) and do not even require licensing…and if they get one it is free. They were unyielding! I went to my state rep and he is working on it.

However I just formed a 501 C 3, private foundation non-profit and plan to lease each drive thru to that entity…it will be exempt from all the rules. The only requirement is that the food has to be prepared and served by a non-paid person. No problem, Big Weenie employees on salary, will volunteer!

Added: When the inspectors were leaving I told them “There will be Hot Dogs being sold out of both side service windows on the 1st of next month!” “And you will approve the whole operation!”


Okie79 The day you started the war was all ready won all that remained was the battle for victory.

Okie79 Nice to hear you are making progress on your venture.
Seems that life is all about hurdles that need to be overcome.
Keep up the good work.

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Life is a series of challenges to be met and mastered.
I came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and I am fresh out of gum

Redshift CAREFUL…I have been studying the Food Service Business here in Oklahoma and Chewing Gum is specifically mentioned in the Oklahoma Dept of Public Heath Regulations (They totally control construction, equipment, and handling) as a…FOOD!

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