Google will cancel the ban on cryptocurrency advertising


This week, the digital money market rebounded under the leadership of XRP coin, and the mood has warmed up. The top 10 currencies of the market capitalization accounted for 85.5% of the total market capitalization, which was basically the same as last week. The market value of XRP increased, the proportion of BTC and ETH coin decreased, and the market value advantage of mainstream currencies remained obvious.

BTC price rose 2.73% from last week, holding the support and bottoming out. In the overall decline of the market, BTC performed strongly. It took the lead to stabilize and hold the support level of 6000 US dollars. This week’s rebound broke through the box, reflecting better market sentiment.

ETH price rose 7.8% from last week, continuing the rebound pattern, and the sustainability remains to be seen. ETH fell by 89.18% from high to low. Since May, it has been falling for two months. In the past two weeks, there has been a strong oversold rebound, and the turnover rate has rebounded sharply. This round of ETH rebounded a lot, but the current decline has not yet broken, and the continued sustainability remains to be seen.

What happened in the past 24 hours?

Mainstream digital currencies were mixed, with Bitcoin falling 2.22% in 24h and now closing at $6439.6246.

Google will lift the ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising in October.

Google will remove the full ban on cryptocurrency-related advertising and plans to allow regulated cryptographic transactions to be advertised in the US and Japan. The new policy will be implemented in October. (CNBC)

Wall Street’s team, Bakkt, announced the first physical settlement of bitcoin futures contracts.

Wall Street’s team, Bakkt, announced the first physical settlement of bitcoin futures contracts. The tweet states that the first contract will physically deliver bitcoin futures contracts and fiat currencies, including the US dollar, British pound and euro. For example, purchasing a USD/BTC futures contract will result in one bitcoin being delivered to the customer’s account each day.

The digital currency hearing of the Supreme Court of India has been postponed to this day.

The Supreme Court of India will hold a hearing on Wednesday, 26th, to hear the final argument against the ban on bitcoin in the banking industry. The hearing was scheduled to take place on September 25, but due to unpublished reasons, the Supreme Court of India postponed it until the 26th.

The latest directive of the EOS Core Arbitration Forum: All BPs are required to refuse to process related account transactions.

Regarding the theft of a large account, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) official website issued the latest order last night, indicating that the relevant evidence provided by the litigant has been received, including the proof of ownership of the EOS account, requiring all BPs to refuse to deal with the following hackers. Transfer the transaction of the token related account until there are other latest notifications. (IMEOS)


So basically ICO’s will still have a hard time putting ads out there. This ain’t good news for the industry, because it’s not like it would have been hard for them to filter out ICO’s that are obvious scams.