Hello Reddheads,

In the Netherlands you have a daily news/talk show on national television (millions of views every day). ‘Marieke Elsinga’ has like a ‘social media journal’ in this tv show on RTL!!!


If we tip her, she will DEFINITELY mention it on television !!!

So everybody who likes the idea`please help and lets organize a date???

Good idea. However, I think we should wait out a little longer for RDD to have a better infrastructure (like ReddID), so we show more than “this could be done”. We then buy her for example her ReddID and tip her live.

What do you think?


Sammy i quite agree with you

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sammy Like your idea of waiting for ReddID!! Let’s do it soon after ReddID drops so she can hype it even more on tv !!


reds_to_the_moon Can you enlighten me how this “tipping somebody who does not know what RDD is” works? Do we just send her a private key via e-mail where she could recover ReddCoin from? Or is it an internet link?


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TheSaltyJ I assume it will be like ChangeTip where they receive a message via specific social platform used to establish a wallet to claim their tip?

ProRDDTrader maybe. I don’t know that is why I am asking :slight_smile:

EDIT: Would be nice to have some kind of mask for this tipping where somebody receives a link to get his/her funds and also a good explanation what is going on :smiley:

TheSaltyJ I’m curious as well.

I think that’s exactly what will happen

I’m also from the Netherlands, I like the idea and will follow this thread for updates. Indeed, if someone doesn’t know about RDD introduction is needed. Could be like WeTransfer for example: one page which states RDD is waiting for you with a button to collect/create RDD could attract attention and trigger interaction… just a thought.


Great to see the positive reactions!

If someone could make a video to spread the word it would be great!
This way there could even be a chance Marieke knows about the plan before we tip her, so collecting her coins won’t be a problem.

Let’s make this a succes!!

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