I used to introduce Using multi-sig wallet on stage 2. But now, I have a better idea, but need PGP or registered actual mails for sending what you have to know.

For operator side, many people presume I may grab money once received without doing anything, I know your concern, I can’t waste it, Not only I put my PGP public key on the Internet, I also have made a like thing saying I can’t use other people’s fund which you can find in, there is one thing called CRYPTO-Prank, I also have some dual-usage tools in order to ensure I can’t do evil.

I don’t charge you anything when using the service, I just provide a service for some people, there are one hundred slots for the time being. If you like to apply one, then please use for asking details as 1.00 RDD means at least 0.4 BTC bits right now and there is no known group pool so I try to make one.

To see what I have been doing , You can track the wallet below

I have the right to use it. Also password used differs password, core differs than my coinomi wallet, also using some function in order to not to mix up with others.