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I have expanded my goals… I am well on my way to having learning modules for EVERY SPOKEN LANGUAGE on the Earth (and Klingon just in case!). That will be about 136 languages. I got rather excited when I discovered I had already surpassed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo, who has been working with over 200 million $$$ and a lot of high powered employees. This effort has employed me (for nothing), open source content and open source software. Total time is about one month of full time grunt work! It ain’t pretty, but it is efficient.

Yobit says it is listing the coin. WhyCoin is about to go into promotion mode. I am working on a contract with a “grant writer” who has had considerable success… she knows where the money is and can get it.

So far not a single person has ever invested a penny in WhyCoin (except me). We have 85 people who hold about 300,000 coins. (we have 300 million in the non-staking treasury wallet)

Well, 20 days of obsessive work and I have completed doing every spoken language on Earth…uploading 8 gigs of learning modules right now. When it completes, I will put the indexes in and it will be live. It didn’t take 200 million dollars, and 40 employees! It took one old man and open source content and open source software!

Yobits have been jacking around with me about listing the coin…but they will list it. I haven’t mounted my effort yet on other exchanges…however I can be persuasive. Everyone seems to want money… and it is my opinion they should pay me! I might allow them to list the coin for free however.

I have the most unique coin in the spectrum of altcoins, it is honest, it can earn a living (think advertising), it hasn’t laid out millions of coins, it is transparent, it has an excellent staking wallet, it is doing constructive work, and it has the potential for universal acceptance. It also, has ME!

Anyone who wants a piece of the action can come to, WhyCoin.net and learn something…I will give you coins!

Why BUY, BEG, MINE, OR LICK DRIPS… “Learn and Earn!”

Dusty Ridge

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Okie79 Persistence and vision along with competent execution will change the world

Persistence and vision along with competent execution will change the world.
Well done Okie. Hows the burger/hotdog business?

Redshift Big Weenie Inc. (an Oklahoma Corporation) is on hold, my building is 3/4 finished. Contractors keep getting thrown in jail or worse! I may have to finish it myself. I have all the equipment and licensing (that was a real go-around)…had to educate the regulators on their own regulations. But, I have all the learning modules for the required study courses…see WhyFund.org That has several hundred users every day!